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Example Issue:

#118 – July 1 2020 – There’s always a new take on an old idea

“The Idea Enthusiast Newsletter is something I very much look forward to each Wednesday. Greg does a great job compiling content to provoke thought, take you out of your day-to-day thinking, and inspire change. I use it as guided creative thinking, as I just don’t get enough time for that, and a weekly reminder to get out of the box.”

Lindsay Currie, Executive Officer,
Counsel on Undergraduate Research

“If you are interested in a curated newsletter of varied business articles ranging from psychology to big data and more, take a moment to subscribe to Greg Roth’s #newsletter.  I’ve read more of the links on the recent issue than any newsletter in awhile. Fascinating.”

Patty Leeman, Principle,
Leeman Consulting Services

“Always thought-provoking, always timely – The Idea Enthusiast Weekly is a creative spark in my inbox.”

Justine Adelizzi. Sr Mgr, Executive Communications,
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

“This sounds like my new favorite newsletter.”

Scott Mitchell, Digital Lead,
ABC Audio Current Affairs

“Almost every week, I read something in The Idea Enthusiast that makes me think about an old challenge in a new way. Some of the highlighted pieces are practical, others are just plain fascinating, and all of them help get my brain warmed up on a Wednesday morning.”

Scott Shrum, President & COO,
Hennessey Digital

“I really enjoy the newsletter and the breadth of articles and resources it provides. I always find something different that I would not have read somewhere else, and it helps me look at things from a slightly different perspective. Mindset shift indeed!”

Florence Navarro,
Chief Empowerment Officer, Kichocheo LLC

“Really enjoy reading these weekly newsletters by Greg Roth from The Idea Enthusiast. He offers refreshing perspective and challenges the norm. And, he curates a fabulous list of helpful reading from various authors/sites. Highly recommend subscribing to this newsletter!”

Eileen Foley, Founder,
Foley Training Services LLC