Greg Roth is a dynamic keynote and workshop presenter, engaging audiences as large as 3500 and as intimate as a dozen. His sessions are always interactive, sometimes irreverent, off-the-cuff, and fun, drawing on his experience with communications teams, workplace consulting, government, sports journalism, pop culture, and the performing arts.

His talks feature a few common elements:

  • Perspectives from a diverse sampling of creative leaders he’s interviewed
  • Research from really smart people with multiple degrees
  • Analogies to everyday life, not just sports or the military
  • Highly visual multimedia presentations (no bullet points)
  • Humor, social commentary, interactive exercises
  • Crowd work and audience volunteers

Keynote Topics

Is your event looking for a new perspective on creative inspiration, teamwork, and presentation of new ideas? As an “idea enthusiast”, Greg regular speaks to creatives across industries, including creative directors, chief marketing officers, content marketers, innovation lab tam leaders, product developers, designers, engineers, and other really smart folks who make new things every day.

Here are Greg’s signature talks:

Embracing the Challenge Mindset: How to take risks, forge a new path, and be more creative

Dry January. The Whole 30. The Year of Yes. The Happiness Project. NaNoWriMo. Inktober. 100 Rejections. Digital detoxes, hackathons, social experiments, and beta testing. Have you noticed that no matter what you want to do, there’s a challenge out there to help get you started? What if you could apply the common principles of all these challenges to achieve your dreams in your life and your work?

In this fascinating talk, Greg Roth weaves together a rich tapestry of stories and wisdom from individuals, teams, and organizations who were willing to experiment and push themselves, little by little. You’ll discover the art and science behind seemingly small challenges that lead to big breakthroughs, why challenges are good for us beyond goal-setting, and how a “challenge mindset” can transform your thinking, your outlook, your approach, your effort, and ultimately your identity.

NOTE: Also available as a companion workshop on goals, habits, systems, and challenge design.

Read about “The Challenge Mindset” at ASAE’s Great Ideas Conference.

The Idea-Driven Organization: A gameplan to create, day-in and day-out

We say we want a “culture of innovation”, but what does that mean? And what does that look like every single day? The truth is, culture is made up of small moments over time – we are what we repeatedly do. And over and over, we see successful teams show a willingness to experiment and a bias for action.

Inspired by the increasingly-popular “design sprint” methodology invented at Google Ventures to kickstart innovation, this session teaches you how to build your organization’s creative capabilities through 5 essential skills. You learn how to:

  • Choose discovery over expertise
  • Welcome divergent thinking and imagination as idea-drivers
  • Encourage healthy forms of debate
  • Empower teams to build out incomplete ideas for test
  • Demonstrate the promise of new ideas to skeptics and the risk-adverse

NOTE: Also available as a companion ½-day or full-day workshop, “The 5Ds” or “The Weekly Innovator”.


“After seeing Greg’s keynote at ASAE’s Great Ideas earlier this year, I knew he would be a great addition to our professional development conference for NAA’s Association Executives this summer. Greg delivered the closing keynote on the “Challenge Mindset” giving our AEs some food for thought on how to push themselves to think differently in their professional and personal lives. I enjoyed hearing him again and received many compliments from our AEs as well. He was easy to work with and delivered exactly what we were looking for!”

Jennifer Schlueter, Resource Director, National Apartment Association

“The evaluation results for Greg’s 3-hour interactive session on pitching, persuasion, and presentation at our 2017 Annual Conference and Expo were exceptional. Our members were actively engaged throughout the session and we received quite a bit of positive and enthusiastic feedback. In fact, a number of attendees cited Greg’s session as the “best thing about Conference”. We would highly recommend Greg as a speaker and presenter to any group.”

Sharron Crawford Corle, MS,
Professional Development Director,
Meals on Wheels America

“Greg taught a public speaking course for a group of Realtors and staff in our company leadership development program. His talk was informative, clever, and interactive. I was impressed with his ability to pull awesomeness from even the shyest participant in the room. I had several of the participants approach me afterward to say how much they enjoyed and learned from this session.”

Stefanie Ainge Hahn, VP,
Coldwell Banker Hearthside

“I really wish we had more time with this class and instructor. This was such a valuable class and I just felt like we ran short of time. Greg took a complex strategy and engaged the team in a process of creative innovation. He is fantastic and the best choice for ending the week. IOM would do well to place Greg on the ‘come back’ list. This was the best class of the week.”

Compiled feedback, “Culture of Innovation” workshop,
Institute for Organization Management

“Fabulous! I wish it ran longer. He was funny and relatable and inspiring.”
“Great material. Very useful.”
“Very informative! Loved all the examples!”

Compiled feedback,
INBOUND Annual Convention

“It was a pleasure to introduce Greg Roth at our annual event. He grabbed a room of 2600 people with insight and humor. And then he jumped off the stage and went into the crowd to finish his talk on the floor. It was awesome.”

Steve Wunch, Sr. Director of Training and Education, Echelon Property Group, LLC

“Thank you for presenting to the Boards of the Michigan Dental Association, MDA Insurance & Financial Group, MDA Foundation, and MDA Dental PAC on what it means to be an idea-driven organization. Your thoughts and insights on the topic were very helpful to our leadership. We’ll be taking a fresh look at our approach to innovation in the months to come.”

Karen Burgess, MBA, CAE, Executive Director,
Michigan Dental Association

“Greg presented to emerging leaders at our Annual Career Development Seminar and feedback was universally positive and enthusiastic. He started off with a surprise group activity and then delivered a very interactive, very conversational session on team collaboration and workplace dynamics. Attendees felt he offered great content, practical and actionable strategies, and struck a nice balance for different career levels. Some members felt it was the most valuable session of the day.”

Mark Leeman, Conference Committee, American Society of Civil Engineers (NCS)

“I’ve shared the podium with Greg on several occasions and he is always prepared, succinct, and added humor to his presentation which engaged the group and drove home the message.”

Patricia Kempthorne, Executive Director,
Twiga Foundation

“Greg did a great job of engaging the audience…idea enthusiasm works!”

Attendee, Florida Society of Association Executives, 2017 Annual Conference

“The only way this session could have been better was if it had more time.”

Attendee, Florida Association of Realtors, 2017 Annual Conference

“96% would retake a class with Greg Roth.”

Compiled feedback, Texas Association of Realtors 2017 Annual Conference

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